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    Your customers don’t want to talk to you. Now what?

    Why NEXTms?

    Business Text Messaging

    Provide Unbeatable Customer Satisfaction

    Customers want to text on their terms, not yours. Businesses that text their customers see a 90% customer satisfaction rate—higher than any other form of communication. With NEXTms, you can communicate with customers in the way they prefer via our business text platform.

    Own Customer Relationships For Life

    Don’t make it easy for your customer relationships to be stolen by a competitor. When your employees message clients from their own phones, your company risks losing the customer if the employee leaves. But with NEXTms business texting, customers build relationships with your company, not an individual employee.

    Convert More Leads To Customers

    Here’s the truth: If you leave a voicemail, you’ve got a 10% chance of hearing back from a sales prospect ever again. With business texts enabled, you’ve got an almost-100% chance of getting a response and a 40% higher possibility of converting a prospect into a customer.



    Let’s face it: Your customers don’t want to talk to you on the phone. They want to text.


    With NEXTms business texts, you can give your customers what they want—an SMS-based tool that makes it easy for them to contact you and easy for you to respond anywhere in the world.


    This is what your customers want—and until now haven’t been able to find. Our next-gen b2x multi-point SMS platform lets you:

    • Reach out to your customers immediately

    • Allows customers to respond when it’s convenient

    • Gives you the power to manage simultaneous conversations across your company using one number.

    With NEXTms, you can improve customer satisfaction, keep customers for life, and win more business. And you can trust us to help you, because we’ve been innovators in the contact analysis industry for 16 years—providing unrivaled customer service for our clients across the globe.


    Our company offers high availability, instant provisioning, and an API so you can easily integrate with the systems your business already uses.


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