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NEXTms Mobile App Update

Your business texts are crucial, but texting is inherently a mobile-device-specific process for most people. Mobile devices are improving at a breakneck pace, so in order for us to provide a future-proof experience for you, we've built an entirely new experience for our mobile app.

Welcome to NEXTms Mobile (v3.0)!

We've made a significant update to our UI to work more seamlessly with whatever mobile device you use.

We've simplified the workflow, making it easier to read and send texts, even including images from your own device.

We now also show all incoming messages to any users in your account, rather than holding those messages in a queue. This simplifies the conversation for everyone!

We've also added the capability to manage your NEXTms contacts in the app.

We even change the colors to match your devices light/dark mode settings!

But most of all, we've built this platform to be the foundation for our future plans! We'll be adding in more of our features to the app as time goes on, so stay tuned and feel free to send any questions to support@nextms.com or your account representative.

The app is available now in the App Store and Google Play Store.


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