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NEXTms can make it easy to be in touch with your customers. Sometimes it can get a bit repetitive to answer the same question over and over again. Our first stab at solving that problem was our "Canned Responses" which let you save replies and use them as-needed with only a few clicks.

To cover the situations where you're not at your computer to reply, or for when you just want this to happen automatically, we've built an auto-responding rules engine. Here's how it works:

Simple, yeah?

The new Rules page can be accessed by clicking your "Account" link in the navigation bar, and you'll see that you have three types of auto-responder rules you can create.

1. Keyphrase - This will allow you to target a word or words inside an inbound text message, and automatically reply with your own text. These are case-sensitive, so feel free to create multiple rules to cover your bases!

2. Date/Time - Here you can set up a block of time in which you will automatically reply with a text. A good example would be for holidays or off-hours replies.

3. NEXTms Number - If you want to auto-reply to all texts to a specific number in your account, this is the rule for you. You might use this for contest entries, for example.

We're always cooking new ideas to see what we can come up with, so check back for updates!

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